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Property Injuries

Property Injuries

Injuries can occur because of a dangerous condition on property, such as at retail stores, grocery stores, and common areas at condo and apartment complexes. These dangerous conditions are often created by the careless actions of those who are responsible for maintaining the property. When these injuries happen, the owner or operators of the property may have violated laws designed to keep people safe.  Most businesses and other organizations that invite the public onto their property have insurance to pay claims to wrongfully injured people. This area of law is called premises liability. As attorneys, we help to hold those responsible for property injuries accountable for their negligence. 

Broken safety rules cause injuries on property

Premises liability cases occur in a variety or situations. For example, if products in a retail store fall onto a customer, the store is liable for the injuries caused. These businesses are also liable if there is a slip or trip hazard in areas where customers are expected to walk. Defective walkways, such as stairs, are a frequent cause of injury. Many injuries result from broken stairs or stairs lacking an appropriate handrail.

During wintertime, ice on walkways is a known dangerous condition. Retail stores are obligated to maintain their property in a safe condition, which includes deicing parking lots and walkways for customers. Many cities, such as Spokane, require property owners and occupiers to clear snow and ice from walkways. 

Owners and operators of properties should know the applicable safety rules, but often fail to follow them. These safety rules are designed to keep people from getting hurt, and when the rules are broken, people are injured. When customers are harmed, the property owner or operator will rarely, if ever, take responsibility. Instead, they ignore their own rule breaking and blame the victim. 

What to do if you are hurt by a property hazard

If you have been hurt by a property hazard, it is important that the following things are done immediately:

  • Get needed medical attention
  • Identify witnesses and get their contact information
  • Take photos and/or videos of the dangerous condition 
  • Inform the property owner, manager, or occupier that the injury has occurred
  • Have family and friends help with these tasks

It is also important to contact an attorney quickly so that evidence can be property preserved for making a claim. Our firm has experience in many kinds of premises liability cases and are able to help you through the claim process. If you have been injured by a property hazard, contact us to discuss your case and your options for making a claim.