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We help people with injury and employment cases. An injury case is any situation where you are injured, or lost a loved one, due to the fault of someone else. An employment case is any situation where you suffered a violation of your workplace rights. As attorneys, we help you obtain appropriate compensation for your loss, such as medical expenses from an injury or lost income from being illegally fired. 

Most injury and employment cases that we take on involve the wrongdoer's insurance company. In rare cases the wrongdoer is self-insured and there is no insurance company involved. Our cases follow a similar process where we first make a claim with the liable party, usually their insurance company. If the insurance claim process does not satisfactorily resolve the case, then the civil justice system is where we take cases by starting a lawsuit. Most of our cases are resolved before filing a lawsuit, and most of the cases where a lawsuit is filed are resolved prior to trial. 

The strategy we recommend is dependent on the circumstances of each case. In all cases, we advise a way forward that is the most efficient and beneficial for the client to resolve their claim. The insurance claim process, and in many ways our civil justices system, makes it incredibly difficult for the average person to obtain appropriate justice and compensation on their own for their loss. As attorneys, we have the knowledge and experience to guide, educate, and empower you through the process. 

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