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Client Reviews

Knowledgeable and Compassionate

In 2015, I was struck by a vehicle while cycling on a country road. I was attempting to handle the settlement process on my own but lacked the knowledge and time to properly handle the procedure. I was fortunate to meet the Bardens after joining a cycling club that they belong to. The initial consultation put my mind at ease as the Bardens informed me of the many aspects of the settlement process that I had overlooked and assured me that a fair and thourough end would be reached. Jed and Heather's charisma and expertise quickly earned my trust and made the proceedings stress free so I could focus on rehabilitating my injuries and return to cycling; recreationally and competitively. Barden and Barden's communication, knowledge and general compassion for people and cyclists make them a formidable force when navigating the legal process concerning personal injury. No cyclist should be without Barden and Barden in their contacts.

– J. J. Anderson